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What is the A’ Design Award?

The A’ Design Award stands as a pinnacle in the realm of design, renowned globally for its prestige and influence. It signifies unparalleled excellence in design across products, projects, and services, serving as a hallmark achievement in the field.

Tailored for designers, innovators, and companies seeking to elevate their visibility, the A’ Design Award serves as a beacon, attracting the attention of media, publishers, and buyers alike.

Through its comprehensive publicity services and extensive media exposure, the A’ Design Award offers victorious designers the opportunity to garner national and international acclaim. It not only honors their achievements but also serves as a catalyst for their work to achieve its fullest potential.

The laureates of the A’ Design Award & Competition receive an array of benefits, including fame, prestige, recognition, credibility, and widespread publicity. Additionally, they are presented with the esteemed “A’ Design Prize,” a comprehensive winners’ kit comprising essential elements to commemorate their success. This includes the distinguished 3D Printed Metal A’ Design Award trophy, an annual yearbook in both digital and hardcopy formats, a printed design excellence certificate, an award winners manual, gala-night invitations, participation in the winners’ exhibition, and more.

Read more here: http://www.whatisadesignaward.com and http://www.designaward.com



A’ Design Awards 2024 Winners Announced

A’ Design Award & Competition announced the results of the 2023 – 2024 design competition:

1642 winners.

From 114 countries.

In 151 different design disciplines.

The entries underwent thorough evaluation by a distinguished jury panel of internationally recognized scholars, esteemed press members, seasoned creative design professionals, and experienced entrepreneurs. Each member of the panel meticulously scrutinized every entry, paying close attention to detail during the voting process.


Miok Milk Beer Packaging by Iris Fan

Blink App Image Campaign by Bloom GmbH Nuernberg


Vintagience Vintage Japanese Sake Packaging by Hisamichi Kasai

Summer Palace Tour Brand Design by YeZhang

Sean Coffee Gift Box Design by Xue-Wei Chen


Daity Galaxy Ice Cream Packaging by Mohsen Koofiani

Createar Brand Design by China Shandong Heyday Creative Co Ltd

Ave Natur Oat Based Dairy Products by Misteli Creative Agency


All Award-winning Projects



Nominate your designs!

Early Registrations to A’ Design Award 2024 – 2025 are now open, enter your works for fame, prestige and international publicity.

Brands, entrepreneurs, innovative businesses, designers, artists, architects and creative agencies worldwide are called to enter their works and products, designed within the last 5 years.

Follow the instructions on the following link to register and enter your work: https://competition.adesignaward.com/registration.php


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