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Elevate your outreach with a comprehensive Email Marketing Solution. Harness the power of Email Campaigns, Automation, and Personalized Emails. Liqwit Creative Firm offers an Email Marketing Platform with advanced tools for Campaign Management, Analytics, and Segmentation. Experience heightened engagement through Targeted Emails, Conversion Optimization, and Email Tracking. Enhance your strategy with Customizable Templates and Subscriber Management. Witness impressive ROI through effective Email Marketing Strategies.
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Reach your Audience

Through Email Marketing

100% Secure Engine

Designed to help you reach your clients with ease.
Easily upload your email lists. Unsubscribes, bounces and inactive email updates are automatically done.

Put the right emails

in front of the right people

Flagged Mail™ is an economical and extremely flexible solution where you can build newsletters, create campaigns and send great emails to stay in front of your audience, and offer exactly what they want to see.

Customized Plans

Build your content, preview it live, test it and feel confident before you send.
Not finding the right bundle? Can’t decide or have any other question? Contact us now.


Economical. Easy. Secure.

  • $50/ mo
  • Basic
    • 25,000 Emails/Month
    • Unlimited Validated Subscribers
    • User-friendly Interface
    • Easy Email Editor
    • Real-time Campaign Statistics

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  • $90/ mo
  • Standard
    • 50,000 Emails/Month
    • Unlimited Validated Subscribers
    • User-friendly Interface
    • Easy Email Editor
    • Real-time Campaign Statistics

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  • $130/ mo
  • Advanced
    • 100,000 Emails/Month
    • Unlimited Validated Subscribers
    • User-friendly Interface
    • Easy Email Editor
    • Real-time Campaign Statistics

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  • $190/ mo
  • Professional
    • 200,000 Emails/Month
    • Unlimited Validated Subscribers
    • User-friendly Interface
    • Easy Email Editor
    • Real-time Campaign Statistics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy an email list?

No, never! But if you need the “why”, let us tell you. People on a purchased list didn’t choose to hear from you or your company. The goal of your marketing efforts should be to find the right prospects and customers. If you buy a list, you are taking that decision away from your prospects. Suddenly, they receive this message from you (or their spam folder, most likely), but have no idea what it’s about, who you are, how you got their information, and now you’re on their bad side.

How can I grow my email subscribers' list?

The success of your email marketing efforts will only be successful if you start with the right list. Your email marketing list should consist of past, current, and prospective customers. Your efforts should be focused on reaching an engaged audience that is interested in what your organization has to offer. If you’re pushing information out to people who aren’t interested, you are wasting your time and building a bad email marketing reputation.

In order to grow this list, make sure you have opportunities to opt-in throughout your website and blog.

What's the best time and day to send emails?

Unfortunately, there isn’t an end-all, be-all answer for that question. It varies depending on your email list and recipient preferences. To figure out what works best for your readers, try different days and times and analyze the results.

What are the best practices for email subject lines?

There are many different takes on email subject lines and like much of email marketing best practices, you’ll have to trial what works best for your audience. However, there are a few best practices to start with:

1. Write for your audience – use a language they’re familiar with
2. Personalize it
3. Keep it short – for mobile’s sake
4. Use clear action words

What's the difference between open rate and click-through rate?

Open Rate
An open rate is the percentage of people who opened the email from the total number of people who received the email. Having a good email open rate is crucial.
If your recipients aren’t opening your emails than they aren’t reading your content. To improve your open rates, look at your subject lines, preview text, from name, and email address. Open rate goals vary by industry, but overall, aim for an open rate of 20-25 percent.

Click-through Rate
A click-through rate is the percentage of people who clicked on a link in your email from the total number of people who opened the email.
The click-through rate is dependent on what you’re offering in the email and the lead information you provided in the messaging to build to that click. Ultimately, the goal of any email marketing tactic should be to get clicks to the next step.

What are unsubscribes?

Unsubscribes, as you may have guessed, are the number of people who have unsubscribed from your emails. With a well-developed list, you should see low unsubscribe rates.
However, if this number is high, it’s a key indicator that you need to take a long look at your email marketing list.

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